Be Empowered

Yes! We can live an empowered life!

I am actually going to quote a Black Eyed Peas song lyric, who knew?

“Lose your inhibition, follow your intuition, free your inner soul, and break away from tradition.”

We can empower ourselves through our thoughts right now.

Sometimes we are dealt with hand that is not what we planned. It can really throw us off track, I recently went through this in my personal life and it was a mile long train wreck. New Years Eve, was not my best.

Although, the situation has only changed because of a bit of time, I am getting my mind, my thoughts and my physical health back on the tracks.  I will use this as a way to grow as a human and not look back.

Our emotions are connected to our body and our health. We can Empower our thoughts to keep us healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically.

You ask how?

With love and support from our family and friends but also, mostly, from OURSELVES.

We will find where we are meant to be. We will find what we are meant to do.

The plan, well that may not go in the order we think it should. We may go back five steps, but this will give us the opportunity to see the view of the path we are traveling wider this time. To give us the vision to attract more positive, empowering and loving energy into our lives.

As the song lyrics say, “Right here, right now, is exactly where we are supposed to be,” Bon Jovi.

Empower your emotions and thoughts today to be open and honest. Give yourself the power to love yourself, to trust yourself and to know you are amazing. You are you!

We can all do this together! No one is alone. Let’s fill the air with energy, love and trust.  RESPECT.

If you need help, reach out because there is someone there to catch you. Remember you are loved.

Be happy and be healthy!


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Just Let Life Happen

One of the hardest things to do in life is to just let it happen….

Being able to stop trying to be in control and instead let your life unfold.

It has been very scary for me to let the universe take over.

As I sit here this morning trying to get warm, drinking my coffee and watching the birds outside our window, I realize in letting life unfold on it’s own….it really is ok.

We all need to find peace in our hearts and be able to move on from difficult experiences to find the love, respect and relationships we truly need in our lives.

There is a lesson in every single day and I hope today you find the time with me, to stop and look for the blessings the universe has for us.

Join me today as we intentionally let go and let the day unfold as it is meant to.
Be happy & be healthy!


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Emotional Support

Cold…Warm. Sad…Happy. Overwhelmed…Surrendered.

These are just a few comparisons.

In life, we all have things that happen that make us think negatively. In the last year, I have learned so much about how our emotions and thoughts effect our physical health.

I am so thankful that doTERRA came into my life in the beginning of 2014. I am so thankful that I have met the most amazing people through this journey.

We can not change what happened yesterday or last month, but we can change how we handle our emotions right now.

If you try to reach for a positive mindset, you can see it. You can feel it. Join me.

A wonderful book to read is: Molecules of Emotion, The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine, By: Candace B. Pert, Ph.D.

This book is written in a way that it is not a text book, but gives you the tools you need to understand the brain/body connection.

Another book that I am in the process of reading is: Frequency, The Power of Personal Vibration, By: Penney Peirce.

Very, very interesting read. I hope you will take a few moments and look for these books to see if they can help you as we all search for meaning in our lives.

As I read and move forward, I also use the help of doTERRA Essential Oils each day to keep me focused and my emotions in check.

Have you ever tried essential oils? If you purchase quality, they can be a natural option to support your health.

doTERRA essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in different parts of plants extracted and distilled for health benefits. The plants are grown and harvested in their native region for maximum potency.

I want to share how doTERRA’s blend called Balance helps me and is an option for you to support your body as well.

Balance is a grounding blend and this blend brings a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation. It can aid in harmonizing the various physiological systems of the body and promote tranquility and a sense of balance. ( Modern Essentials, Fifth Edition)

I use two drops of this essential oil each morning and if life is overwhelming, I use two more drops later in the afternoon.

Two drops rubbed together between your hands then rubbed on the back of your neck or on the bottom of your feet, can start to make a difference in your emotional stability within just a few seconds.

Recently, my emotions have been all over the place and Balance has helped me stay more positive, more centered and grounded.

Balance is a combination of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy and Frankincense.

There are so many ways essential oils can benefit our lives and those we love. I am learning every single day and would love to share with you.

So please remember, life will not always happen as we hope or as we expect. We can not change yesterday but we can be here for ourselves and the people we love. We can only do the best we know how and believe that life has a reason for the twists, tumbles and turns.

Be happy and be healthy!


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Emotional Rollercoaster

I want to say, “Happy New Year to everyone!”

Here at our home we started the new year with more emotions than we knew we had.  You know when you think you have life for yourself and your family mostly figured out and you are feeling pretty good, so you go about your days with confidence and you do not think things will go wrong. You guide and lead and support. Yet…..

I have come to realize, that we are truly only able to do this for ourselves. We can control what we say and what we do and make a plan, but if we have families we truly can not make a plan for them.

We can all say, I know my kids and they are going to go and do this and this along the way……and you feel good about it, right?

But here is the kicker….something to think about….what if….what if our kids keep their thoughts to themselves? What if….you do not know everything that they want for themselves. What if their plan is nothing like what we hope for them?

We all want to raise healthy, happy, independent children. Right?

We all want to be healthy, happy and independent. Right?

Some times, for some people it all works out.

But in reality, you will find turns and twists in the road. You will take steps back and when looking at moving forward again those steps will seem twice as high with razor sharp edges.

When all this is happening, the seconds keep ticking by on the clock and the minute hand  keeps moving forward. Hours pass by.  Morning comes again and life keeps moving forward around you.

What have I learned from all this?

I have learned that I am still learning.

I am learning, that even though we can not control, direct or change what may happen, we have to keep moving forward.

We can not make decisions for others even when we feel their decisions are not best for them.

We need to find the emotions and the place where we can take a lot of deep breaths and accept.

And most of all, that we need to make sure we take care of ourselves so that we will be healthy and emotionally able to be there for ourselves and for the people we love.

Yes, at our home, the New Year did NOT start the way we expected. One sentence spoken out loud to us, rocked our world.

But we are growing. We are growing emotionally, physically and mentally. And we are surrounded by energy that is positive and enlightening.

The purpose of this blog…..well…..I want you to know that as life goes on and things change, people change. We all make good and bad decisions. The BIG, important step forward is to love, support and never forget how much you care. Be there.

Smile. Hug. Love. As we grow older we are wiser. (I think).

I can not change decisions made, I can not go back and change anything. So I will try to keep moving forward and know that everything happens for a reason.

I am reading a great book a friend of mine recommended. It is called,

“Frequency, The Power of Personal Vibration.”

Please look it up and consider a copy for yourself to read.

Make today a day where you take nothing for granted. Where you know things that happen are not your fault. Where you realize, your kids and friends are likely to be, not completely honest. Where you realize life can change with one sentence spoken out loud.

Do not worry about what others may be thinking. It does not matter.

Take that deep breath, love your kids with all your might and….

Be happy and be healthy!


Goals or Resolutions?

Have you ever thought about the differences between your goals and your New Year Resolutions?

I have made resolutions in the past, but never really followed through on them. After the first month, I usually was able to ignore them and go back to doing things the old way inside my comfort zone.

So this year, I am stepping up and making GOALS. I have written them down on paper and am ready to make them happen.

Maybe being a year older, maybe being healthier this year, maybe just maybe, the fact that I believe in myself this year is my true why.

When someone does not seem especially happy for me, when they do not believe me or when they act like it does not matter, this year I am ready to move past them and surround myself with the people who do believe that we can meet and exceed our goals.

These people who also have their goals written down on paper before the first day of January and are making the plan for those goals to start happening NOW.

You can do it. You can set the goals and take the steps to make them happen.

I have been starting the wheel spinning since last January and now am ready to help as many people as I possibly can reach out to with doTerra essential oils. I am reading and doing research and have signed up for an online class.

All things that will help me with the knowledge to take another step every single day.

I would love to have YOU join us on our amazing team of men and women who are reaching out to others showing them the health care options they have. How doTerra has helped us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Last year, right now, I was deep in a hole of anxiety and worry. My cholesterol was high and for the first time in my life my blood pressure was crawling up. I did not know how to help myself. I went to the doctors and asked them what was wrong with me.?. Seriously, they have medical training but how can another human look at us and know what is wrong. They can run tests and they draw our blood and we can run back and forth between doctors and laboratories and back again.

Please know, I still have a yearly physical and so does my family, however, I have seen and personally experienced the health benefits from the knowledge and tools to also help ourselves. To talk with and listen to our own bodies.

I knew I wanted so much more for myself and my family. I knew there was a much better way for us. Today I am so completely happy that through trials and errors, through sorting through companies and products to help me get to where I needed to be, I found doTerra.

I am reading and absorbing all the information I possibly can and working with our incredible team and company to have the ability to now continue to help myself and my family and help YOU.

doTerra gives us the options and we decide when we are ready to believe.

So as the end of December is here and it seems this is the time of year for everyone to reflect back, please know, that if you feel alone and are struggling, I would love to share the knowledge that has been shared with me.

Let’s do this together and watch each year get better and better!

Be happy and be healthy!


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Time to Reflect….

While sitting at stop signs and red lights, while waiting for the water to boil and dinner to cook…..

I have been reflecting.

How have we changed this year?
How have we stayed the same?

This time of year always gets us thinking.

I do not set new year resolutions. I do however, set goals.

Do you?

Today, I spent time reflecting on the last couple of years and really came to the conclusion that with bumps, twists and curves I am right now, exactly where I am supposed to be!

2013 is long gone. 2014 still gives us four days to enjoy and live!
2015…..well, is coming soon and holds so much potential that I go into each day with a calm mind, a blessed heart and a head swimming in ideas and plans for my family first and then my business!!

When we put our emotions and subconscious mind in a positive, happy place, everything is better.

Here is to our health.
Less stress and more enjoyment.
Less bitterness and more happiness.
Less negativity and more belief.

What we think about we bring about.
It is true.
If you need help, reach out!

I wish you happiness, miracles, health, belief in yourself and success!

Be happy & be healthy!


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Wishing you a Relaxed & Happy Holiday…

Do you have Christmas spirit this year?

Today as we finish finding the perfect wrapping paper and the big, bright bow, let us keep our hearts light.

My wish for you today, is to be happy with yourself. At peace with yourself and able to enjoy each moment.

Take time to stretch your body.
Take time to drink plenty of water.

Take time to reflect.

Always smile and enjoy those you are with.
And…..of course… at least a little chocolate.
Take care of you.


I have learned so much over the last year about my health, my emotions and their connection. It is what I work on every day.
Are you ready to start learning more about your body, emotion connection? How your emotions effect your body and pain?
How to truly find more peace in your own mind?
Let’s talk. Let’s be empowered together.

Right now, take a deep breath and let it all go.
Enjoy your day. Remember……smile.

Be happy & be healthy!


Will You Commit?

What are you thinking about?

Do you feel that energy in your body that is telling you to do what you are thinking, even if you are scared to try?

Our thoughts and emotions are huge! So commit right now to……yourself.

Do not wait for the new year. Do not wait for when society says to start.

Start today.

For me, it was to find the way to become healthier and do it naturally.

I was so tired of doctors never listening to me. I did not want to take pharmaceuticals every day. I did not want side effects.

I knew I could find a way to support my body naturally. And at the same time help my family do the same.

So I researched and researched and I went to a class.
Then I got excited and here I am today, feeling healthy physically and emotionally.

I do this with doTerra Essential Oils and Wellness Products.
I am blessed and empowered.
As a result I am building a business, working from home every day.

Want to join me?

Are YOU ready to find out how you can use essential oils to help support your health AND at the same time work from home and earn a pretty amazing income?
Are you willing to step outside? That is…..outside your comfort zone?

Are you ready to start learning today how you can use, grow, share and build a business with people and a company that are honest, caring and ready to support you?

“What’s that?”
You say, you want to be healthier? You are ready to get more information?
Message me! I’m home all day, working in my office.

My office was an extra room with flowery wallpaper where I barely ever spent time.
Now with some inspiration, I painted it to express my passion and make it my space to keep my thoughts moving forward with a vision, empowering me to stay on track with my health so I can help you with yours!

You ask, “What are essential oils?”

Are you ready?
Want to be empowered and start to grow a business? I am here to devote time to your commitment.

So today, put those thoughts into ACTION.

Except nothing less then certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils for the wellness of your family.

Be happy & be healthy!


Why Are You Waiting?

What is it that you know in your mind you absolutely want to do? Why are you waiting?

We wait until later in the morning or after the kids get home from school. Sometimes we wait till tomorrow or say to ourselves, I’ll do that after I learn more or finishing reading this book.


We get no where if we keep waiting!

I was asked….how bad do you really want to do this?
How will it change your life?
How will it make you feel?
Will it help your family?

And as a result of these questions, will it help change your finances?

So I sit here now and remember a few months back, I said,

“I really want to do this!”
“It will change my life by giving me belief in myself and empowering me to help others.”
“I will feel, relief for finally doing what I know I believe in.”
“And yes, it will help my family, because I can share with them, we will be happier and healthier, and when Mommy’s happy, everyone is happy!”
“Finances……we all need more money and if I can add to helping, I’m all in!”

I share with you now, I have gone from Consultant up four levels in doTERRA to Elite. That is not nearly as far or as fast as others but…..I see Diamond and beyond because…..

I have a goal and a plan……..I have a vision. I want to share with people and their pets.
I want to learn and grow as a person and gain the knowledge to give other people, every day, the belief that they can not only, do what I do, what our team does, but gain the belief in themselves.

No matter what business you are in or choose to do… can not spend an hour here or there, you need to work. You need to reach out.
Set aside the time. The house work will still be there. All the errands and projects and the things that keep you busy enough, will all still be there.

Choose you.
Choose believing in youself.
Think about your why.
Why you have chose to do what you do. Write it down. Pin it on the wall. Do not try to hide your why. Let your family see it and read it.

Believe in yourself!


And yes, the holidays are here. Do not take this time as an excuse to say, “people are really busy, I’ll start in January.”
Take this time to help people right now.
Get another cup of coffee. And reach out to people. They truly are waiting to hear from us! I’m reaching out today!

Be happy & be healthy!


I would love to talk with you! Want to network and hold each other accountable?
Want to learn more about natural healthcare options you have?
Do you already have a business you love? That is Wicked Awesome!
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Do You Count Down the Days?

I looked at our calendar and we have fourteen days till Christmas Eve.

But, I will not panic this year as I have so many years past about buying “enough” presents and making “enough” food.

This year I am going to enjoy every single day. Every minute.

Take a moment with me to relax your shoulders and slow your mind.
Is your tongue touching the roof of your mouth…….? Ahhh, relax that too. 🙂
Take a slow deep breath in and out.

I am sitting in my favorite chair with my dogs and gazing at our brightly lit Christmas tree. It is beautiful this year with all the ornaments of years past, many given to me from a dear friend all the way back in high school. Others from family and ones my boys have painted.

I will eat a candy cane or two we have hung from the branches and say a few kind words to our tree and ask that it lives and keeps taking water for two more weeks!

I will say Merry Christmas to people I meet, but not to insult or be disrespectful to anyone, but to celebrate the way I have always know this season.
I hope that if you celebrate differently that you greet me the way you celebrate too.

I love diversity and culture. I love each and every person, as in my mind we are all equal. Being different is a blessing.

We would be so boring!

So today I celebrate that I am alive and healthy. I celebrate you as you are reading this.

And as I learn and read so many books on my journey with natural health, please remember, our thoughts and our stress do effect our health.

Our mind and body do work together. Be careful what you say.

Be happy & be healthy!

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